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What are the key advantages of Aviair PureSense compared to other common sanitisers?

It is proven to eliminate 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, so more powerful than conventional disinfectants including bleach.

It is safer for you and the environment than conventional sanitisers.

It is more convenient and cost effective: You can make your own sanitiser anytime and without buying refills.

Aviair PureSense also just requires 10 minutes to prepare the solution and can be use it every day or as many times a day as needed.

Why is Aviair PureSense so much more expensive compared to conventional cleaning products?

Is this a proven technology?

Does Aviair PureSense deodorise?

What is the pH and PPM levels of the product?

How does the Aviair hypochlorous acid work?

What is the safe and optimum salt dosage?

Can I use Aviair PureSense on clothes?

What kind of certifications validate your claims?

Is Aviair PureSense effective on COVID-19?